5 Reasons To Hire A HVAC Repair Person

Posted on: 2 December 2014

Keeping your home the right temperature year round is important for your comfort and your well-being. If you have problems with your heating or air conditioning, these should be addressed immediately. There is a variety of issues that can arise that may prevent your HVAC unit from working properly. Knowing some of the most common problems that require a service technician can help you when faced with these.

Reason #1:  Contactor problems

Most HVAC units have three contactors that work to keep the home warm or cool. These three contactors work to enable the fan motor, condenser, and compressor running. All of the contactors work together to provide your home with the temperature you want it to be.

If one of the contactors goes out or becomes worn over time, you may need to install a new one. This is a job that a professional HVAC technician should complete.

Reason #2: Compressor issues

The main component for your HVAC unit is the compressor. If this part stops working, you will need to get it replaced to keep your unit running. This part is located with the condenser coil and requires refrigerant to run properly.

Reason #3: Blown fuses

One of the first items a technician will check if you have issues with your HVAC unit is the fuses. Fuses prevent the motor from getting too hot and this item can be located in the evaporator coil.

When a fuse is blown out, it must be replaced for the HVAC unit to function as it should and keep your home the ideal temperature.

Reason #4: Gas valve

This item is only used to heat your home, but must be in good condition to provide the necessary amount of heat. The gas valve helps get the gas from the unit into your home.

If this valve becomes corroded or is not functional for other reasons, you will need a gas valve to allow you to keep your home warm.

Reason #5: Condenser coils

These coils are located on the outside of the home and are connected to the HVAC unit. If these become excessively dirty, you may need to hire a technician to clean these with a specialized type of product.

Finally, keeping your HVAC unit running properly is important at all times. Be sure to call a local HVAC repair professional (such as one from DCS Inc.) if you experience any problems with the heating or cooling in your home for the best results.


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