How Long Does A Water Heater Last? Reasons To Replace Your Old Unit

Posted on: 2 December 2014

If you have an old hot water tank and you feel your water quality and water needs are suffering, you'll want to talk with a professional about replacing the old unit. There are a few major problems many homeowners will deal with when their hot water tank gets old, and it probably needs replaced if it's over 12 years old.

If the tank has never been flushed, there could be a great deal of mineral consumption inside, and it could have clogs. An old tank may also have efficiency concerns, and be a fire hazard.


You may constantly worry about the purity of your water and what you are consuming daily, but you should also worry about the minerals that are lingering around your hot water tank. Minerals from the water will build up on the interior walls and through the piping system, causing corrosion and damaging the tank.

This could cause your water to taste or smell differently than normal, it could stain hardware, clothes and surfaces around the home, and it could lead to galvanization which would make the water unsafe to drink. Mineral corrosion could also weaken the pipes and cause leaks.


Your old water tank may not be working efficiently, and this is wasting your money and energy. The tank fills with water and then that water has to be heated, and the tank uses energy constantly to keep water warm for when you need it. There are new on demand water heaters that will only heat water when you are using it, so you aren't paying for a constant running appliance.


Old hot water tanks can be a fire concern. Cracked or damaged pipes could lead to a gas leak that could cause a fire or poisoning, and there could be problems with the pilot while the tank ages. Electrical components can also go bad over time, starting house fires.

If you have to turn on your shower or a faucet and walk away to give the water time to heat up, stop letting all of that water get wasted down the drain. Talk with a water heater repair companies like Mechanical Energy Systems to see what new water heaters are available to meet your current water heating needs. A new unit will help you save money by being more efficient, and it will save you time by delivering water more quickly than your old tank.


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