Do You Really Need Seamless Gutters?

Posted on: 3 December 2014

When installing or replacing the gutters on your home, you can choose seamless gutters or gutters that come pre-cut in sections that will need to be pieced together. Seamless gutters are typically more expensive and must be installed by a professional, but there are many advantages to this type of gutter.


Seamless gutters are made of one continuous piece of material. Since there are no seams, there is no way for water to leak out of them, into your fascia boards and, ultimately, into your home.

Seamless gutters will also last longer since they are less likely to separate from the fascia they are attached to.


The cost of seamless gutters is usually higher than that of traditional gutters sold in sections. Seamless gutters are priced by the linear foot, and can range in cost from $4 to $26. Installation is at additional cost and will vary by contractor.

The cost of gutters has more to do with the material they are made of than the type of gutter. Gutters are most commonly made of PVC, aluminum or wood, with PVC being the least expensive and wood being the most expensive. Special circumstances may require gutters made of other materials, like steel or copper. 


Seamless gutters are fabricated on site and installed by professional contractors. This makes them more costly than do-it-yourself gutters, but these contractors can usually do it faster and better than you could do it on your own.

Look for a contractor who specializes in seamless gutters, like A - 1 Seamless Gutters Inc. In addition to comparing prices, compare the warranty that is offered, making sure than it includes the labor as well as the gutter itself. Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations for trustworthy gutter installers in your area.


When you install new gutters, you can add options that will solve other problems you might have. Many seamless gutters have an optional shield that goes over the top of the gutter to keep leaves and debris out of the gutter. This prevents clogging and keeps you from having to climb up to your roof and clean out your gutters so the water can flow through them.

Some seamless gutter companies also offer heated gutters. These systems melt the snow and ice than can collect in your gutters, causing melting snow to leak into your home, and sometimes causing the gutter itself to separate from the fascia.

Replacing your gutters is not something you need to do very often. Carefully considering your options will help you make the best choice, so your gutters will last for years. 


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