How To Stop Leaves From Clogging Swimming Pool Plumbing Lines

Posted on: 3 December 2014

Sometimes falling leaves can clog swimming pool lines, especially if the pool is positioned close to a tree. There are many ways that people stop leaves from falling in their pool. As a homeowner, you can decide which method is best for you.  

Pool Cover

Pool covers come in different types and serve different purposes. The type of pool cover that's right for you depends on your personal priorities. 

  • Solar cover. Solar covers look like large sheets of bubble wrap, and are sold by pool supply stores all over the country. These covers come in standard sizes that can easily be cut down depending on the shape and dimensions of the pool. Pool covers are easy to put on and remove, and can often be taken off and put back on by one person if need be. The primary purpose of a solar cover is to warm the water in the pool via the power of the sun. Solar covers catch leaves as they fall on the pool, but some leaves can fall back on the pool as the cover is removed. 
  • Mesh cover. Mesh covers are generally used to winterize pools. These covers catch leaves and debris, and also prevent animals and small children from gaining access to the pool. Mesh covers are often not meant to be put on and taken off every day. Instead, mesh covers are put on at the beginning of the fall when the pool is closed, and removed at the end of the spring when the pool is opened back up again. 
  • Hard cover. Hard covers serve many purposes. Many hard covers are load bearing up to a certain weight limit, and prevent children and animals from gaining access to the pool. Hard covers also stop the water in the pool from evaporating, and prevent leaves and debris from falling in the pool. Some hard covers come off and are put back on through an automated system, making them easy for one person to put on and take off. 

In-Line Leaf Trap

In-line leaf traps attach to the skimmer or automatic cleaner. In-line leaf traps strain leaves from the water before they can enter the pipes. In-line leaf traps are sold in pool supply shops and vary in price.  

Regular Skimming

Of course, the least expensive way to stop leaves from clogging the swimming pool lines is to skim the water on a daily basis. This may be a less expensive way to maintain the pool, but it requires a significant time commitment and is not always effective in wind storms and thunder storms. 

No matter which method you choose, preventing leaves from falling in your pool can save you money on costly repair bills. Talk to a pool contractor like Sunset Pools for more information about protecting your pool from leaves.


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