Tips For Cleaning Up Your Home After A Flood

Posted on: 3 December 2014

A flood is one of a homeowner's worst nightmares! Whether it is caused by a burst pipe or a weather event, flooding in your home is a major concern that must be dealt with as quickly as possible to prevent extensive and costly damage. If your home has sustained water damage due to flooding, use the following tips to clean up properly:

Remove Water ASAP

After a flood in your home, it is imperative to remove the water as quickly as possible. You can soak up moisture with towels, open windows, and use fans to dry up moisture as fast as you can. If you have had a major flood that has caused extensive water damage, it is well worth the investment to hire a professional water removal company that has access to industrial grade dehumidifiers, heaters, and other equipment that can dry out your residence fast.

Take Out Wet Carpet and Drywall

Unfortunately, heat and dehumidifiers are rarely enough to save carpet and the lower levels of drywall after a flooding event. Your best bet is to start from scratch with new flooring an wall material. If you have floods included on your homeowners insurance policy, you may be able to have your insurance company cover the costs of restoring your home after a flood.

Remove Personal Belongings After a Flood

You may think that everything is fine during clean up, but you never know when your personal belongings may be lost or destroyed due to water damage. Before cleaning anything, obtain important family documents, such as birth certificates, social security cards, and anything else that your family may need. Place these documents in a safe place, and allow them to dry out if they became wet.

Hire a Mold Remediation Service

Water damage is very serious, and the long terms results of a flooding event in your home can be quite costly. One of the most serious problems associated with an indoor flood is mold. When indoor conditions are moist and warm, mold can begin growing very quickly. If you start to notice mold growing in your home, contact a mold remediation company as quickly as you can! Mold not only damages your home--it can also cause serious health problems, especially in people who have asthma, or an otherwise compromised immune system. A mold remediation company like Big Mountain Insulators Inc has the skills to remove all mold from your residence, while also helping you to create a safe environment after your home experiences a flood.


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