Why Hiring A Professional Excavator Is Important For New Construction Projects

Posted on: 3 December 2014

If you're getting ready to break ground on a new home or outbuilding, the excavation process is one of the most important parts of the entire project. Excavating includes measuring and preparing the ground for gravel and other aggregates. Who you hire to come in and prep the ground for building makes a huge difference in how well the entire construction process goes. Here are a few reasons why you should call in a pro for large-scale construction projects.

Building Sites

For a new home or addition, getting the ground just right for the construction project starts with a good excavator. A qualified excavating company works closely and collaborates with the builder, construction contractors and architects to achieve the right components for the building process. Analyzing the project will involve taking a close look at the soil type, slope, ground condition and the type of machinery needed for completion of the project. An excavating company should have the correct permits and licenses in place to ensure the project is completed safely.

New Septic Systems

A lot goes into finding the right location for a new septic field. Surveyors and contractors work closely to ensure that the system will be built properly and in a location that is untouched by humans and nearby wildlife. Hiring a professional excavator to dig the septic field and develop the site is something that requires specific expertise to ensure the final project will meet local code. 


Temporary driveways are often created during the construction process. This allows large trucks and equipment to get in and out of the worksite freely and easily. Once most of the construction process is finished, it's time to construct a permanent driveway. Excavators are able to dig and contour the existing soil to create a slope and shape that meets the needs of your new home or building. Grading a new driveway requires several types of heavy equipment to ensure a smooth result. The combined process of measuring, digging and laying the right amount of sand and gravel prepares the new driveway for asphalt, concrete or paver bricks.

Retaining Walls

If you're property has issues with drainage or flooding, keeping the water at bay requires restructuring the ground to prevent a flood or erosion of dirt and soil. One way to do this is to create a retaining wall. This requires excavating equipment and the expertise of a qualified landscape designer or contractor to measure and create a wall that will benefit the property. In addition to creating the wall, landscaping stones including large limestone and crushed rocks can further benefit the drainage process and enhance curb appeal.

While many building projects can be done by the advanced weekend warrior, hiring a professional excavator for large scale projects ensures the job is done timely and effectively. Contact a company like Haas Construction for more information.


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