Clean Drilling: When You Have To Preserve Wildlife And Secure Bridge Pylons

Posted on: 4 December 2014

When you are in the business of directional boring and structural safety, you cannot ignore your environment. In fact, you probably have an environmental consultant on retainer, if you do not have frequent contact with an EPA inspector. To keep everything on the up and up when you build bridges, you might want to adopt additional equipment for hydro excavation. Some of these machines allow you to use water from the river or lake, keeping your process very clean, and securing the pylons and feet of the bridges you build. It is the kind of eco-friendly that can really help your construction business succeed.

The Tools of the Trade

Your crew would spend a lot of time underwater if it was not for the suction hoses involved with hydro excavation. As the city and state shut down damns for work on the bridge, your crew can begin to build enclosures around the bridge pylons. They will have to secure the enclosures underwater, but the rest of the work allows them to be above the water. The very long suction hoses you will use helps evacuate water from these enclosures, holds it in clean tanks, and then uses it to jettison holes through the wet river bed or pylon to remove or repair it. It saves you tons of time and money sending professional divers, welders and concrete workers under the water or on a barge with a crane to work.

The Dirt Tanks and Water Tanks

Once you have begun blasting and clearing with the river's own water, the interior filters remove mud, construction debris and rocks. The recycled river water flows back to clean tanks and out again for you to continue using in the directional boring process. If you have never considered adding this type of equipment to your business (such as is done by companies like Sureshot Directional Boring), you should reconsider it. 

Testing the Safe Release of the Dirt Tanks

As long as the dirt and debris does not contain PCBs or other potentially harmful chemicals, you might actually be able to reuse the dirt tank contents as well. You could recycle it into your cement or concrete mixtures or use it in sandbags to steady a portion of the bridge you are working on. You will have to get clearance from the state's wildlife conservation department first, as they have to test the materials, but it makes things even more eco-friendly and budget-conscious if you get the go-ahead.


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