Unplug Or Turn Off Electricity To Some Devices And Watch Your Bill Go Down

Posted on: 4 December 2014

As you plan to call an electrician to install more outlets in your house for the new electronic gadgetry you've acquired, you may be wondering how much more these products you bought will add to your electric bill. With the proliferation of home entertainment centers and computer equipment putting more demand on electrical systems, it's no wonder people see the bills steadily increase. Unplugging or shutting off the electricity to a few devices around your house can help.

Cell Phone & Battery Chargers 

People have a tendency to leave chargers plugged in all the time. When you're charging your cell phone regularly, it may seem like a hassle to take the simple step of unplugging the device. Multiply that by how many other people in your house leave theirs plugged in, and you can see why dollars get added to your electric bill every month.

TV Sets and Other Entertainment Center Devices

Plug TV sets, DVD players, stereos and other equipment into a power strip and shut the power off when you're not using the devices. An older model TV and a huge new flat-screen model both use plenty of juice even when they are not running. 

Computers & Peripheral Equipment

Desktop and laptop computers, as well as printers and exterior modems, also can be completely turned off with a power strip. If you keep your computer equipment plugged into a universal power supply, shut that off when you're not using the computer -- unless there's a thunderstorm. Then unplug it altogether. 

Historically, people were advised to leave computers on rather than turn them on and off several times a day. Screen savers prevented text and images from becoming etched into the screen. Those days are long gone. It's OK to turn the computer on and off, and screen savers are for entertainment value only.

The Electric Water Heater

You may have heard advice to turn the thermostat way down on your water heater if you'll be out of town for the weekend or longer. You can go even further if you like and shut off the breaker. Make a note to remind yourself to turn it back on when you get home, or you'll be facing a cold shower in the morning.

Small Appliances

You can see that your microwave uses electricity when it's not running -- it has a clock. You may not realize that some of your other small appliances, such as the coffeemaker, toaster and bread machine, may also use power when turned off but still plugged in. Make a habit of unplugging all these devices when they're not in use. 

Doing a Smart Thing

You're doing a smart thing by having more outlets installed rather than using extension cords. Do another smart thing and ask your electrician for further advice on lowering your electric bill. You may be pleasantly surprised at the reduction when your next monthly invoice arrives. For more tips, contact a company like Narducci Electric.


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