3 Ways To Fix Your Clogged Tub

Posted on: 17 March 2015

Is your bathroom tub clogged? If so, then your showers may begin to become uncomfortable, as the water levels may rise higher than the bottom of your feet. Not only can this make showers a bit uncomfortable, but this can cause more bacteria to linger in your tub, which can create health issues. To ensure your bathroom doesn't contain any water buildup, you will want to resolve your clogged tub issue quickly, which is why it is best to do it yourself by:

Using Baking Soda:

When showering, you are constantly washing away oil, hair products, and lint particles from clothing items. These items can build up in your shower drain over time and can be the reasoning behind your clogged tub. Pouring baking soda down into your shower drain and running hot water will help deteriorate any grime and buildup from your drain, as the reaction from the baking soda will help break down surface levels from drain pipes. So, if you have baking soda around the house, consider pouring some into your drain and let it sit for a few minutes before letting hot water run down the tub.  

Fishing out Clumps of Hair:

A common reason why your tub is clogged is because of hair clumps in the drain. Hair is constantly falling into the drain, which can easily lead to hair buildup and can cause your shower to become clogged. Using something like a wired hanger is a great option, as a wired hanger is flexible and skinny enough to enter down your tub. When using a wired hanger, be sure to hook the end that is going into the drain, as this will help you lift out hair clumps from your drain.

Using a Standard Plunger:

Often, the items causing the clog in your tub just need to obtain pressure to clear the drain pipes. This can be done by using a standard plunger. When using the plunger, be sure to fill the tub with some water, as this will add some additional pressure when suctioning the tub drain. This method can often resolve your clogged tub, but if you are confident that hair is causing your clog issue, then definitely remove the hair, rather than forcing it down your shower drain.

With these tips, you may be able to resolve your own plumbing issues on your own, which can help save you money and allow you to avoid having to wait on a professional service to resolve your issues.


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