Eco-Friendly Ways To Treat Contaminated Fracking Water

Posted on: 13 May 2015

Contracting practices that create and maintain drills, such as the process known as fracking, often tend to require a large amount of water in order to work to the tune of as much as 8 million gallons. Fortunately, there are new, more eco-friendly approaches to help treat dirty fracking water in order to make the process less environmentally damaging.

Ultraviolet Light

The benefit to this technology is that it can treat dirty fracking water onsite. The UV light destroys bacteria in the fracking water right onsite instead of requiring the water to be shipped to a water treatment facility which is wasteful.

UV light is deadly to most forms of bacteria, so this technology is an effective means of getting rid of them without the need for a lot of chemicals that aren't eco-friendly. The process tends to be efficient in terms of energy expenditure as well, and it doesn't waste any other resources.

The process can also operate relatively quickly since water just needs to pass under the light instead of needing to go through a filter or combine with some other added substrate.

Water Evaporation Technology

This technology was originally developed to help with the process of creating fresh water from salt water known as desalination. Recently, this technology is being developed to help with the problem of fracking contamination.

The technical term for this technology is 'membrane distillation.' Water is placed in a container where it's put under decreased temperature combined with heat. This vaporizes the water which then passes through membranes, separating salt water from fresh water. The fresh water vapor is then condensed with a cooling mechanism.

The new use for this technology replaces the heating and then cooling process with a vapor compressor which makes the whole process more efficient and thus more eco-friendly. It can be used to purify fracking water by vaporizing the water and separating it from the toxic chemicals which can then be disposed of safely. This new system could treat 40,000 gallons per day.

Electric Charge Purification

This system uses electrical impulses to concentrate toxic chemicals together in water. The increased density of the chemicals will then either sink to the bottom of the water or else float to the top. They can then be filtered out, leaving the rest of the water completely clean.

This technology makes use of both ions and excited bubbles to clean the water of unwanted particles. Electric charge technology is also simple to use on-site since it doesn't introduce any other chemicals into the water.

The on-site nature of the tech saves transportation costs that would waste energy and gas. As a result, it's more eco-friendly.

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