Take Care Of Your Trees During Fall To Keep Them Strong For Wintertime

Posted on: 3 August 2015

Trees on your property can provide a great deal of shade, beauty, and increased home value, but you need to keep them in healthy condition to maintain these excellent benefits. Once summer ends and it turns into fall, you want to take the chance to get your trees ready for handling the rough wintertime.

Use Slow-Release Fertilizer to Provide Nutrients

It is not uncommon for trees to lose essential nutrients during summertime. With this in mind, you should use slow-release fertilizer to make sure your trees are healthy and get all of the nutrients they need. Strong trees are able to protect themselves under the harsh conditions of winter.

Remove Potentially Dangerous Branches

Since fall is normally a mild season, most tree branches fair just fine, even weak ones. However, once winter comes around and snowfall becomes a routine occurrence, you cannot expect weak branches to hold strong as the weight will eventually overcome the branch and cause it to break off. Removing these branches before winter comes will prevent this problem from happening.

Wrap Trees that Need Protection

During wintertime, it is not uncommon for trees to experience sun scald, or winter burn, which is when the sun makes the tree think it is springtime, and the barks awakens to freezing cold temperatures. Unfortunately, this can cause the bark to die, which leaves the tree weak and exposed. Young trees and recently pruned mature trees have the highest risk, and therefore should be wrapped for protection.

Take Advantage of Insect Control

Although insects may not cause that much of a problem during fall, once winter comes around, they may dig deeper into the tree, potentially causing severe damage. It is important to keep this from happening by getting insect control, which will eliminate inhabiting insects and stop future infestations. 

Rely on a Drip Irrigation System

In between the harsh seasons of summer and winter, you want to give your trees plenty of water. While you can do an effective job by watering on a regular basis, you will find that investing in a drip irrigation system will continuously provide your trees with the water they need to prepare for wintertime.

When you fail to care for your trees and get them ready for difficult seasons, you will end up spending more time, effort, and money on bringing them back to health. Ideally, you should take advantage of a professional tree service like Destiny's Tree Service LLC to help make sure your trees are winterized properly. 


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