3 Beginner Tips For Interior Painting

Posted on: 22 January 2016

Interior painting is an easy job to do yourself, but it can be intimidating when it is your first time. If you are brand new to painting the walls inside your home, these easy tips will be very helpful.

Prepare the Walls

Prepping the walls is also going to be the first step of the interior painting process. Begin by removing as much from the walls as possible. This means all picture frames, artwork, and nails that were holding up the wall art. If you are not painting the light or outlet switches the same color, go ahead and remove them as well. Now wash the walls to remove fingerprints, dirt, and debris. If you fail to clean the walls, you might have odd spots or streaks when you are done painting. For anything still on the walls, such as windows, put tape around them. Also tape between the wall and floor, wall and ceiling, and wall and baseboard. Put tape around door frames as well. Painter's tape work best for this type of job.

Add Primer

When the walls are all ready for paint, you are actually going to start with primer first. This is highly recommended, regardless of the type of walls you have. If you are switching colors, it is necessary to use primer because you use tinted primer to start changing the color, then follow it up with paint to get the color you want. Primer is also needed if you have faux wood walls, in order to give the paint a good surface to adhere to. Even if neither of these apply, primer helps give the walls a smooth surface that make it easier to apply the paint in the next step. Add primer one coat at a time, letting it dry between coats. Add more if you are changing the color.

Paint With a Brush and Roller

When it comes time to paint the walls, you will need both a brush and roller. You want to start with the brush, since it is going to be used in all the tight spots. For example, use the brush for all edges, corners, and trim. Let the bristles of the brush fan out when you are cutting in, which is when you paint a border around windows, doors, and other trim that isn't going to be painted. Once you do that, you can then switch to your roller. Painting with a roller should be done last since it covers the largest circumference. Make sure you let each coat of paint dry before continuing, just like with the primer.

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