Maintaining Your Glass Railing In Spring

Posted on: 14 February 2016

During the winter, many people stop maintaining their glass railings because they spend less time outdoors. When spring comes again, glass railings require regular care and maintenance in order to look and perform their best. These tips will help you maintain your glass railing this spring, so that you can enjoy the elegance and beauty of your railings once again.

Squeegee Off Rain Drops Before They Dry

Rain drops can leave water spots on the glass if they're allowed to dry. The best way to prevent your railing from developing spots after rain showers is to squeegee the glass before the rain dries. Remember to squeegee the glass on both sides to keep the glass totally clear. If the glass railing is on a high balcony, you'll need a long-handled squeegee to make it possible for you to clean both sides.

If you aren't able to squeegee the glass before the rain dries, clean the glass with a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water, and use newspaper to wipe the glass down. On sides of the glass that you can't reach, spray the glass with the vinegar and water, then use a squeegee to wipe it off.

Soften Bird Poop Before Cleaning

Once the birds start to breed, you'll probably begin to notice spots of bird poop on the glass. If you're lucky, you may catch the bird poop before it hardens. Wipe off soft bird poop with a wet paper towel. If the poop hardens on the glass, soften it before attempting to wipe it off of the railing. To soften the bird poop, dampen it with a wet paper towel. Repeat the process if necessary. When the poop is soft enough to wipe a away, wipe it off with a fresh wet paper towel. When wiping away bird poop, remember to wear gloves and throw away the paper towels when you're finished.

Examine the Footings and Brackets

Your glass railing is held in place by footings and brackets. Over the winter, precipitation can cause the footings and brackets to rust. If the glass is lodged in a wooden deck, snow can cause the deck itself to rot. At the beginning of the spring, check your railing by gripping the top edge and applying gentle force to see if it wobbles or moves. Inspect the footings around the railing for signs of rot or rust. If you find signs of deterioration, contact a contractor for immediate repairs.

Following these tips will help you keep your glass railing in good shape this coming spring. For more tips and information, contact a glass railing contractor like California Reflections. They can tell you the best ways to maintain your glass railing.


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