How Your Landscaping Choices Affect Your Septic System's Health

Posted on: 15 February 2016

While you may already know which items are not safe to introduce into your home's septic tank, you may not be aware of how your exterior landscaping choices can damage your septic tank and its various parts. Very serious damage can occur by excessive pressure on the system, intrusion into pipes, and leach field swamping.

In order to prevent this damage to your home's septic system from your landscaping choices, here is more information on each issue so that you can better understand it:

Pressure and Access Problems Caused by Concrete or Asphalt Slabs

When your septic tank needs to be pumped and cleaned, the plumber will need to access the top of the tank and in some cases even the leach lines. In addition, if concrete or asphalt slabs are installed over your septic tank or leaching system, then the pressure from the slab's weight can cause serious damage. For these reasons, you should never install any of the following over or near your septic system:

  • concrete patios
  • concrete or asphalt driveways
  • decks
  • sheds.

Pipe Intrusion Problems Caused by Tree or Large Bush Roots

One of the leading causes of leach line failure is the intrusion of roots from surrounding trees and large bushes into the pipe casing and gravel of the leach lines. To prevent pipe intrusion problems, you should never plant any trees or bushes anywhere near your septic system. Before you plant any trees, check to determine their root structures and ensure that there isn't any way the roots will reach any part of your home's septic system.

Leach Field Swamping from Excessive Surface Puddling

Since your leach field needs to be able to continually drain the water coming out from the leach lines, it is imperative that the leach field area is kept clear of and pooling surface water. Surface puddles show you that there is a drainage problem that needs to be rectified. Generally, you can reroute storm waters away from downspouts or through drainage ditches to keep it away from your leach field area. Planting grass over the leach field also helps because the grass helps to absorb excess surface water from storms.


As you can see, your landscaping choices can have a negative affect on your home's septic system if you do not consider their location in relation to your septic system and its leaching system. By understanding how these problems happen, you can avoid them on your property and save yourself a lot of time, money, and hassle. Contact a company like Martin Septic Service Inc for more tips and information.


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