Three Safety Risks Associated With Cleaning Your Gutters On Your Own

Posted on: 25 May 2016

While it's a seemingly simple process, gutter cleaning comes along with a significant number of safety hazards. One wrong move and you could literally go crashing down to the ground. For this and many other reasons, gutter cleaning is a task best left to a professional. Here are just some of the safety risks that come along with trying to clean gutters on your own.


Ladders are large pieces of equipment, which makes moving them around a challenge. Rather than adjusting the ladder, some people would much rather strain or overextend themselves to reach a different area. This practice increases your risk of a fall. Take overextending to the side, for example. When you shift too much weight to one side, that could cause the ladder to tip over. It's important to keep your weight centered.

Gutter Weak Spots

Leaning on a gutter is a dangerous practice. However, it's even more dangerous near the gutter seams as they are considered the weakest part of the gutter system. If you even try to rest the slightest amount of weight on the seam, it could collapse and carry you down with it. Even if you don't put your weight on it, resting any equipment on the gutters can cause the same scenario, which may result in significant damage to your gutter system.

Incorrect Footwear

Even with excellent precision and care, footwear issues also put your safety at risk when it comes to gutter cleaning. Many people assume that all they need is a pair of rubber sole shoes. However, in reality, a pair of slip-resistant safety shoes are the only way to fully protect yourself, which most people don't have. With the wrong shoes you can lose your balance and injure yourself.

When you rely on a professional to clean your gutters, you avoid these safety risks; however, this isn't the only benefit. When a professional cleans your gutters, they aren't just ensuring that all debris is removed, but they are also checking the condition of the gutters. If there are any leaks or other damages that could cause the system to function incorrectly, a professional can address the issue right away, before it causes costly damages. Protect your home and your safety with a professional.  

There is nothing wrong with a little do-it-yourself project; however, your safety is more important. Make sure you are relying on a professional like those found at Mr. Gutter to meet your gutter cleaning needs.


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