Safety Strategies To Protect You During Roofing Repairs

Posted on: 11 June 2016

Thinking of some roofing repairs this summer? This is the season to plan and execute these tasks to prevent water damage this winter. Be sure that you keep yourself and your workers safe by using some common sense strategies to protect against the inherent hazards of roofing work.

Some ways to stay safer and prevent accidental injury are:

Grab a seat. Shingling a roof or making repairs can be tedious work that put a lot of stress on your knees and legs. Make this chore easier by investing in a roofing seat, which is an even, comfortable seat that fits over the pitch of the roof. This will help avoid numbness or soreness in muscles that could lead to a nasty fall.

Stop sliding around. Take time to ensure your tools and supplies won't slide around and off your roof during repairs. A large piece of Styrofoam backed in rubber works perfectly, and is often found at hardware and roofing supply stores. The tools will stick to the surface of the foam keeping them within reach during the chore.

Learn ladder safety. A new ladder is an excellent investment, especially when you have plans of repairing a roof. Take time to read the manufacturer's recommendations to determine how much weight is safe for the ladder, as well as to take note of any other safety precautions. For instance, many manufacturers warn against ever standing on the top rung of the ladder due to stability concerns.

Enlist a roofing buddy. Don't attempt to repair a roof by yourself; enlist the help or support of a friend or family member to make sure you stay safe. If you should slip, fall, or become injured, this ensures that you have someone nearby to help. It also helps to have a second person at ground-level to bring supplies or roofing materials as needed.

Get away from the gutters. Make sure that you never stabilize a ladder against a gutter on the home. These are not sturdy enough to withstand the pressure and weight, and will likely sag, leak, or break loose during the process.

Don't risk an injury that can derail summer plans while fixing or refurbishing your roof. Use these tips to ensure safety for yourself and anyone that you enlist to help in this task. Consider talking with roofing contractors to get the job done professionally, and to avoid any chance of accidental injury. To learn more, contact a company like American Building & Roofing Inc. 


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