2 Reasons To Pay More For CD Weld Pins When Manufacturing Products

Posted on: 9 September 2016

If you run a manufacturing plant that uses capacitor discharge (CD) weld pins, you know firsthand how much a small increase in the price of CD weld pins can affect your bottom line. Any price increase is multiplied by the number of pins in each unit you manufacture and then by the number of units your facility produces. There are, however, times when it's worth paying more -- even if doing so will increase your cost of goods. Here are a couple reasons why you should look beyond the cheapest CD weld pins and get ones that are a bit more.

Galvanized CD Weld Pins for Moisture Resistance

Galvanized steel is coated with zinc, which provides protection against rust. Because there's another material, the zinc coating, needed to make galvanized CD weld pins, they may cost more than ungalvanized ones.

The increase in price is worth it if your final products will be anywhere near water or in a humid environment. The corrosion resistance that the zinc coating provides will help your product's CD weld pins last longer -- and your product will last longer too. An increased product lifespan will yield better reviews, as customers will be pleased that they don't need to replace the product as frequently. If you offer a warranty, you may even be able to extend the length of the warranty because the products will break down less often.

Both better reviews and a longer warranty will increase customer's confidence in your product, so they won't mind paying a little more. You'll likely be able to not just recoup the increase in your cost of goods but even increase your net profit as a result of using galvanized CD weld pins in products that are exposed to water or high moisture levels.

Annealed CD Weld Pins for Stress Resistance

Annealing can also increase your product's lifespan, and its applications aren't limited to environments where water or moisture is a concern.

Annealing involves heating a CD weld pin and then letting it cool. The process makes the pin more durable by removing any internal stresses.

Annealed CD weld pins are certainly a good choice if your facility makes products that are bumped or pushed against a lot. Even if your plant manufactures products that aren't meant to be bumped, though, you may want to use annealed CD weld pins to increase their durability. In an electronic gadget, for example, using these more durable pins might help the product withstand an accidental drop -- and that's a feature that many customers will pay more for.


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