Tips For Sunroom Window Selection

Posted on: 3 November 2016

The windows are one of the biggest selections that you'll have to make when you're designing your sunroom. Most sunroom designs require a couple dozen glass panels, so the choice is significant. Before you make your selections, here are a few things that you need to know.

Efficiency Ratings Are Important

When you're dealing with a room that's crafted primarily from panes of glass, it's important that the glass you choose be well insulated. Most traditional double-paned windows have an insulating layer of argon gas or something similar between the glass panes. This layer helps to minimize the effect of the outdoor temperature.

You can also invest in triple-paned windows, which have an additional insulating barrier. If you're building a sunroom in an area where the winter weather can be particularly cold or otherwise harsh, you may want to choose a triple-paned window panel instead for the extra insulation benefit. This could help you keep your sunroom inviting and comfortable even if the weather outside isn't enjoyable.

Consider Your Style Carefully

Once you've decided on the basic construction, you'll have to select the design of the window. You'll need to determine whether or not you'll want the windows to open. If you choose windows that open, you'll be able to create a cross-breeze through the space that may make it more inviting.

Fixed - A fixed window is one that doesn't open. These are typical glass panels like you see in a solarium or something similar. They usually fit as single panels or split glass panes that cover the floor to ceiling. If you're more concerned about visibility than air flow, these are a great choice.

Mobile - Mobile windows are those that will open and close as you see fit. Slider glass moves from side to side. That means that one pane of glass slides horizontally behind the other when you open it. Double-hung windows slide open vertically instead of horizontally. These resemble the windows that you'd have in the house, so it would make the sunroom look consistent in appearance to the rest of the house.

A sunroom is a great way to enjoy the light and visibility of the outdoors without the exposure to the elements. If you're looking at constructing a sunroom off your home, your window selection is essential. Talk with a local home window glass contractor, such as Community Builders, today and consider the features mentioned here to decide which window panes are the best options for your needs.


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