Sell Your Home Fast With These 6 Cheap Staging Tips

Posted on: 30 November 2016

Planning to sell your home? While there are many important aspects of the selling process -- from knowing when to time a sale to setting the right price -- staging the house itself for potential buyers can be make-or-break for a good sale. If this is your first time trying to sell your home, here are 6 inexpensive steps for setting the stage.

Remove Half the Furnishings. Start your staging efforts by renting a storage facility (or borrowing space in someone's garage) and clearing the house of all unnecessary furniture. For many homeowners, this means removing 1/2 or more of the furniture, accessories, wall hangings, and personal items. While this may be a good time to get rid of excess stuff, concentrate on simply getting it out of the house. Be sure to include the contents of closets and cabinets. 

Clean Carpets. As you're getting large furniture out of the home, it's time to clean all the floors properly. Hire a professional carpet cleaner, such as those at Conscientious Carpet Care, to brighten up old carpets that you can't afford to replace. Once the carpets have been professionally cleaned, place the remaining furniture in simple but pleasing arrangements. Make sure people can easily walk through and between rooms. If you have kids in the house, consider using cheap throw rugs to help keep the carpet clean between showings. 

Do a Thorough Cleaning. At this point, it's time to give the whole home a thorough cleaning. Be sure to clean above and below eye level, including ceiling fixtures, baseboards, door jambs, and inside cabinets. Make a special effort to get the bathroom and kitchen as gleaming as possible, since these are areas that buyers often focus on. If needed, use a mixture of bleach and water to clean older bathroom walls or a 1/10 dilution of muriatic acid in water to get rid of grime on shower doors. 

Depersonalize. Make your home as neutral as possible so that potential buyers can visualize their own stuff and their own style in your home. This means removing almost all personal decorations like photos, sentimental knick-knacks, souvenirs, and visible clothing. Get rid of evidence of pets in the home when it's being shown. If kids' bedrooms have been personalized, it may be a good idea to repaint walls a more neutral color and tone down their individualized decorations. 

Cover and Update. If you can't afford to make a lot of upgrades or modernize aspects of the home, find creative ways to cover or draw less attention to them. If you have paneling, for example, you may be able to fill in the panel cracks with wood filler and paint over the paneling. Stain old kitchen cabinets and add fresh hardware. Replace aging blinds and window treatments with new, modern versions. Use simple tricks like stone color enhancers or polishing bricks to update an older feature like a fireplace. 

Add Curb Appeal. Now that you've updated and simplified the home as much as you can, turn your attention to the front yard. The better you can make the home look as buyers approach it, the faster it is likely to sell. Clean up all debris in the yard, trim shrubs and trees, and pull the weeds. Liven up the lawn with fertilizer and lots of regular watering. Add colorful flowers to flower beds and fresh mulch to dead areas. Buy a few inexpensive containers to hold flowers near the front door, the walkway entrance, or the driveway. If needed, replace older door hardware and the front porch light with updated material.

By following these 6 steps, you can successfully stage your own home for little or no money. And, whether you can put a little or a lot of effort into it, the return on your investment will likely be very evident when you sell the home for the best price possible. 


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