Programmable Thermostat Tips

Posted on: 16 January 2017

If you've ever researched ways to lower wear and tear on your furnace or how to keep your heating costs lower, you have probably seen the idea of installing a programmable thermostat come up a time or two. While this is a great piece of information to have, if you don't know what to look for in a programmable thermostat or even how to program it, its benefits will be limited. Make sure you're on the right path.  

Choosing A Thermostat

When choosing a programmable thermostat, versatility is key. Make sure you understand that just because two units say "programmable" doesn't mean that they are the same. For example, some basic-level thermostats will only allow you to preset the temperature based on the time of the day, such as day and night.

Then there are more complex units that allow you to preset the temperature based on the time of day, including morning, afternoon, evening, and overnight, as well as the day of the week. The greater the flexibility, the greater the potential for you to save money. While a larger investment, the long-term savings make up for the increased cost. Make sure you are selecting a unit that is going to maximize your benefits.  

Programming Tips

Actually Program The Unit

It would seem unnecessary to advise someone to program their thermostat, but some people miss the benefits of their unit because they don't take advantage of all its features. For instance, if no one is home on Saturday afternoons, some people don't consider it necessary to program their units.  However, it's especially important to program your unit during your away times. Take the time to program each setting for your thermostat.

Aim For Basic Comfort

During the winter, program your unit for basic comfort, not to keep you toasty. Sure, the higher the temperature, the warmer your home, but it costs a lot less to toss a blanket over your lap or put on a pair of socks if you're cold than it does to keep your heat running. When you're home, preset the thermostat to 68 degrees, and when you're away lower it even more. Remember, lowering your heat even by a single degree can help you cut your heating costs by 5 percent.

In addition to the installation process, a heating repair technician can also assist you with the task of selecting the right unit for your home and programming it based on the needs of your family. With their professional assistance, you can ensure your unit operates more efficiently, minimizing repairs and saving you money.


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