Answering Several Questions Concerning As Built Surveys

Posted on: 20 January 2017

In addition to the engineering challenges that a construction project will pose, it is also important to understand the importance of complying with all applicable building codes. To help you understand the various steps that you might need to go through, you will want to learn the following few as built land survey questions so that you can be prepared if this is a step you need to go through.

Why Do You Need To Have As Built Land Surveys Done?

It is a common requirement for building departments to mandate as built surveys as part of the permitting process. Failing to comply with this requirement may result in you pay expensive fines as well as having your building project halted until you have this survey performed.

For those that live in communities where these surveys are not part of the local building requirements, many homeowner's insurance policies will mandate these surveys be performed and submitted to the insurance company at regular intervals. Fortunately, many contractors partner with professionals that can provide these surveys, which can limit the additional work and expense that you will incur.

What Is Involved With Conducting An As Built Survey?

The purpose of an as built survey is to document the progression of the building project. In particular, this is done to ensure that the project is conforming to the standards and designs that were submitted as part of the permit application process.  

Over the course of this survey, a professional will document any upgrades that currently exist on the property as well as those that are being made by the contractor. This will include taking measurements, photographing the site and reviewing solutions to unforeseen construction problems that were not in the original plans. Depending on the complexity and hazards of the project, it is common for multiple as built surveys to be required, and these will be scheduled at the start of the project.

Will Work Have To Stop While These Surveys Are Conducted?

Many people may find themselves concerned about the disruptions that as built surveys will cause for their construction projects. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to forecast the amount of time that will be needed for these surveys or the amount of disruption that they will cause. For example, a simple project may be able to continue work while the survey is performed, and the entire process may take only a few hours. In contrast, major projects may require an entire day to survey, and if the construction site is particularly hazardous, work may need to be stopped until the surveyor has finished.

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