Four Ways a Commercial Contractor Can Enhance Your Restaurant

Posted on: 11 July 2017

Whether you own and operate an intimate roadside diner or a family-style restaurant, keeping your establishment modern looking and fresh is an important part of the growth of your business. If you haven't updated for decades and your eatery could use a makeover, hiring a professionally licensed commercial contractor may be an ideal solution. The commercial contractor can also oversee the important aspects, such as building code requirements, zoning regulations and zoning permits. If you are wondering how a commercial contractor can enhance your restaurant, here are four smart ideas: 

1. Significantly Enhance the Lighting

This is one aspect that frequently gets neglected when considering restaurant renovations and makeovers. The lighting should not be overlooked, however. Good lighting can set ambiance in a way that makes your establishment warm and inviting.

Ask yourself this: Is the current lighting noticeably dim? Could you use a boost of light in a few shadowy areas or corners of the dining room? Perhaps the lighting is way too bright and overbearing. Either way, your commercial contractor will have ideas to make the lighting scheme perfect for your restaurant and bar. In addition to correcting lighting issues in the main dining area, you might want to revamp the kitchen and food preparation areas in order for your workers to become more efficient, comfortable, and safe.

You might also consider adding natural lighting to your eatery. Have your commercial contractor install skylights from above. This might require creating an opening in the ceiling and roof, but ceiling windows in the way of skylights offer great appeal and ambiance. By doing so, you may also notice a decrease in energy costs, as you will eliminate the need of extra lighting during daytime hours, as well as provide more ventilation.

2. Update The Restaurant Flooring

You may be surprised how many of your patrons notice the flooring of your restaurant. Is the carpet beginning to look worn or outdated? Perhaps you'd like a new floor plan altogether, such as new luxury vinyl flooring, or laminate. Hardwood floors are another good option for restaurants and diners. If you want something extra durable, consider tiled flooring options. Tiles are often available in many colors, patterns and textures. The good news is they are highly heat and fire resistant as well. Ask your commercial contractor what your options are.

If you have a break room, don't forget to update the floors there as well. Linoleum works well in break rooms. Lastly, you might want your contractor to install anti-fatigue mats in the workers' areas.

3. Create a New Theme or Layout

A restaurant with a particular theme or layout can be a trending possibility. Maybe you'd like a nostalgia type of theme. Consult with your contractor about installing retro themed accessories such as jukeboxes and checkered tiled walls and floors. If a rustic theme is what you are after, your contractor might install a warm and cozy fireplace and woodsy type decor. The possibilities are virtually endless, so go with a theme and choose your decor and renovations wisely.

4. Install New Restaurant Doors

It seems logical that s restaurant door is possibility the first thing a patron will notice before stepping inside. If your doors seem old and ordinary, or simply uninspiring and unwelcoming, it is time for a change. Hiring a commercial contractor is a smart decision to help you achieve a new look from the exterior, just by removing the old doors and replacing them with something snazzy and appealing.

Consider the theme you are aiming for. You will want the new doors (and windows, if you are replacing them as well) to complement the main decor of the facility. Also, the new entrance doors should have nice aesthetics with updated hardware and glass.

The above four aspects is just a sampling of ideas. There are other ways your commercial contractor can enhance your restaurant. You might renovate the restrooms for a fresh new look, or even update with new built-in appliances. Ask contractors like BURTON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LLC for suggestions.


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