Tips For Planning A Room Addition On Your Home

Posted on: 1 November 2017

Building a room addition onto your home could mean the difference between uprooting your family to move to a larger house and staying in the home you love. When you build an addition, you can add a new bedroom, bathroom, family room, kitchen, or anything else you need to accommodate your growing family. It's an excellent option when your home is getting too small for your family but you hate to give up your present home or beautiful lot. Here are some things to think about.

Learn About Local Regulations

Before you fall in love with a layout for your new room, check local ordinances first. There are probably restrictions on how your room addition can be built. It may have to be set back a certain distance from the street which might make adding onto the front impossible. There are probably regulations about staying a certain distance from your property lines, which might make adding onto the side of your home tricky. If you build in the back, there could be regulations about not building on an easement, staying away from a septic system, and not going over ground level. You'll want to know how all these rules affect your land so you can figure out where you can place your new home addition.

Budget For Utilities And Climate Control

Another thing you'll have to decide is if you want to have plumbing added to the new space. If you're adding a new bathroom or kitchen, the answer is obvious. Adding on a room is more than just putting up a foundation and walls. You'll need wiring, possibly plumbing, insulation, and climate control. Climate control could be especially important if you're adding on a room for a new baby. Your current HVAC might strain at cooling and heating the additional space. You might need to go with a window unit or ductless heat pump. There is a solution for any type of room you want to add on, you just need to be aware of the extra expenses and work that will go into adding the features you need so you can formulate a realistic budget.

Consider Exterior Appearance And Landscaping

Sometimes, you can tell when a home has had a room added because it just doesn't fit quite right with the rest of the house. One thing you'll want to consider is how the addition will blend in with your current siding and roofing. If the siding is old and faded, it will be difficult to match colors, so new siding on the entire house may be in order. If you want the addition to look like it has always been part of the house, let your contractor know so you can update the exterior of your home if it needs it. The addition will change the look of your property too, so adjusting your landscaping may be necessary so the addition looks like it's included with the house rather than being added onto it.

There are many things to consider when you want to add a room onto your existing house. Choose a reputable contractor, such as Stritar Construction & Tree Service, with experience in room additions so you have guidance along the way. The perfect addition gives you the room you need while adding value to your home.


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