Hardscape Options For Your Backyard Patio

Posted on: 10 January 2018

When you're planning your backyard landscape, it's all about tying the different elements together into a space that is both effective and beautiful. Your want your yard to provide much-needed outdoor space for playing, entertaining, growing food (if you're into gardening), and giving you some great natural exposure. While many people focus on the plants and sod and features of a landscape, choosing a hardscape for patio spaces in a very essential part of planning your overall design. 

Patio areas provide the utility for a backyard space. They are where people will eat, play games, cook on the barbecue, or host outdoor parties. These hardscape options can help you know what overall look you want for your final landscape design. 

Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is a superior option for outdoor patios. Not only can concrete be poured in one solid piece, but it can be colored and styled to match nearly any style of house and any taste. For rustic homes, concrete can be stamped and stained to mimic wood. For a mored modern look, concrete can be smoothed and polished for an almost industrial finish. After it is sealed and treated, it withstands weather and cracking. 

Concrete is nearly maintenance free, but it is important to realize that some concrete can become pocked if it is not properly sealed. Use of some types of ice melt an also mar the finish, so you need to be aware when clearing the patio in the winter. 


Brick is another popular choice for a patio. People often choose brick pavers because they are less expensive, they can be installed with DIY efforts, and they provide a classic finish. These bricks are made out of formed and stamped concrete, often colored to match certain design styles. You can get brick pavers in different shapes, allowing for more patterns than a concrete patio would give you. For example, a herringbone brick pattern is popular with many designs. Because the bricks are made of concrete, they have the same weaknesses as poured concrete. Bricks can also break or crumble if they are not maintained, and it's easier to have high or low spots in a design if they are not well installed. 

Natural Stone

Natural stone is another beautiful choice. Flagstones made from heavy slate can be laid out in a pattern. Gaps are usually filled with small stones or sand that sets up after it gets wet. Cut slate tiles are more predicatable, and some homeowners can even have marble. This option is the most costly and requires the most maintenance. 


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