Energy Bills Too High Every Month? 2 Tips To Bring Them Down

Posted on: 24 May 2018

If your energy bills are much too high each month, they will be especially high in extreme weather, such as during the hot summer or cold winters. This is because your heating and air equipment runs much more than it normally does. To help you save some money, you can do many things to bring the amount of your energy bills down, two of which are listed below.

Check for Air Leaks

The first thing to do is to check for air leaks. This could be leaks around windows and doors. Look at each window at the weather stripping to ensure it is in good condition and intact. If the stripping is not in good condition, then air will easily get through the window. If you need to replace the stripping, take a piece of it to the home improvement store when you select new stripping.

You can put the same type of stripping back on or you can use a different type. One type you can choose is flexible metal stripping. The metal is easy to place around windows because it has an adhesive backing that you remove so you can stick the stripping in place.

For doors, you can purchase door sweeps. These are made of stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic. The sweep is fitted with a strip of vinyl, plastic, or nylon. The door sweep is placed at the bottom of the door to fill up the space between the door and the flooring. You simply cut the sweep to the right length and then screw it into the bottom of door.

Get an Energy Audit

One of the easiest ways to determine why your energy bills are high is to hire a company like Convenient Home Services, Inc. to do an energy audit. With this, an energy auditor will come to your home and thoroughly check where you are losing air. They will check all windows and doors, as well as in the attic.

The energy auditor will check all duct work to be sure there are no leaks in it. If there are leaks, you lose air each time your HVAC unit runs, causing the unit to run more to get your home at the right temperature.

The energy auditor will check the roof to see if it is intact and that there are no missing or loose shingles where there can be leaks of air into and from the attic.

Once you follow these tips, you should see a drastic decrease in your energy bills.


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