Fleet Management Tips For Small Businesses

Posted on: 3 July 2018

Managing your large commercial fleet will be a major logistical challenge. Any mistakes during this process can lead to inefficiencies in your workforce as well as the potential for expensive damages to your vehicles. For businesses that are looking to optimize their fleet management approach, there are some guidelines that should be considered.

Incorporate Analytics Into Your Management Program

It can be difficult for the management of your company to effectively track the usage of the vehicles in your fleet. This can make it difficult to perform a number of routine tasks, such as routine optimization and maintenance. Fortunately, it can be fairly easy to incorporate analytics into your fleet management program. This is done by adding small vehicle tracking and diagnostic devices to your fleet vehicles. These devices will record various pieces of information about the vehicle while it is in operation, and this information will be either transmitted in real time to your monitoring computer or uploaded when the vehicle returns to your property.  

Consider Signing A Contract With Your Maintenance Providers

There are a number of fleet maintenance services that you may need to use. While these services can be essential for keeping your vehicles running, they can also be somewhat expensive. One way that you may be able to better control this cost will be through signing long-term contracts with a fleet management company. In many instances, these services will offer discounts to clients that sign long-term maintenance contracts. Prior to taking this step, you should review the benefits of entering this agreement from several providers. Otherwise, you may find that you did not get the best deal for this important service.

Keep Your Driving Force Properly Trained In Your Management And Maintenance Protocols

An improperly trained driving force can negate the hard work and money that you have invested in keeping your vehicles in good condition. To help you minimize the wear and tear that your vehicles experience, you should hold regular training exercises with your drivers. During these exercises, you should review the steps that can be taken to ensure that the vehicle is operated as efficiently and safely as possible.

The challenges of fleet management can be daunting to many small business owners. However, this is something that must be addressed if you are to keep your vehicles operating. If you develop an appreciation for the benefits of incorporating analytics into your fleet management, signing contracts with your service providers, and holding regular training sessions for your drivers, you can keep your fleet running on all cylinders.


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