Why It's Important To Have A Land Survey Before You Install A New Fence

Posted on: 27 September 2018

Any time you put in a pool or add a building to your property, it's a good idea to have a survey done just to make sure you are within your boundary lines. Putting up a new fence is another time a survey is needed since the fence will run along your property line. Although a survey is an added expense, it could save you from legal trouble and even more expense in the future. Here's why a land survey is so important.

A Property Line Can't Be Determined By Sight

You and your neighbor may have a casual agreement on the property line based on the location of a driveway or an old fence. You may mow your grass up to a certain point based on where you think your property ends. However, these are just guesses as to where the actual property line is located. The legal line could be several inches or a few feet to one side or the other.

Knowing the exact location of the line is important to avoid legal problems if you build a fence on your neighbor's property. Even if you and your neighbor are good friends and won't fight over a fence, there may one day be a new owner of the property that will have a survey done and discover your fence is on their land. The only way to know for sure where your property line is located is to have a survey. Relying on sight alone could be a mistake you regret.

Crossing Your Property Line Could Be Costly

If you build a fence without a survey and it's later found that your fence is on your neighbor's property, you could face fines and legal fees. At the very least, you'll probably have to tear down the fence and move it to a new location. Another thing a land survey can tell you is the location of easements on your property.

If there is a utility easement at the back of your property, you want to know where it is so you can avoid building a fence over it if possible. If you put up a fence and the utility company needs to work in the area, they may take your fence down, which would be a major inconvenience and added expense for you to rebuild it.

When you have a land survey done, it becomes part of your property record on file with the city. You can then refer to it in the coming years if you ever need to prove your fence is on your land. The surveyor will also leave a permanent marker on your land to outline your property boundaries so you can tell at a glance where your property ends without having to consult property documents.

For more information on land surveying, look at websites such as http://www.communitysciences.com.


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