4 Reasons Glass Shelves Work Well In Your Shower

Posted on: 11 May 2019

From the shampoo bottles to the soap, there are a lot of things that you need every day when you take a shower. Without the proper shelf space inside of your shower, you are left stacking everything into one of those ugly shower caddies, piling things up in the corner of the floor, or stuffing your toiletries into a recessed wall shelf. Glass shelves are a logical addition to your shower. Take a look at why that is the case. 

1.  The shelves do not clutter up the visual space. 

If you have this beautiful shower area with frameless shower doors and impressive natural stone tile, adding solid shelves in the space can take away from that simplistic style. Glass shelves offer a crystal clear way to house the things you need while in the shower, but they do not detract from the style of the shower by cluttering visual space. 

2.  The shelves are easy to keep clean and looking like new. 

Glass is pretty easy to maintain. It is not going to get stained by hair dye when you are washing your hair or that favorite shaving cream that happens to be deep blue.

Shelves made of other materials can look pretty grimy and dirty with everyday showers. Glass stays fairly clean in spite of regular use. Simply wipe down the glass after each shower with a dry towel to prevent water spots, and you are good to go. 

3.  The shelves offer extra storage to keep your bathroom organized. 

Organization in your shower is something that can fall by the wayside. The average consumer these days uses multiple products when they step into the shower, which means there is a lot of stuff that needs a place to sit. Glass shelving will give you that extra organization space in your shower, so you're not left piling everything up in the corner or in a recessed wall shelf. 

4.  The shelves are pretty simple to install. 

One of the perks of glass shelves in your shower is the fact that getting them is not all that hard to do. Most contractors will be happy to implement a few glass implements for you during a new shower install.

If you are adding shelving after the fact, you will need to find the proper mounting brackets to support the shelves and make sure you don't damage existing tile work. Nevertheless, this is not a long process. For more information, contact a residential shower service such as Port Orchard Glass.


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