Could Your Business Benefit From Chain-Link Fences? Find Out Now

Posted on: 14 October 2019

Are you a business owner who is looking for a way to add more security to the commercial property? There are several ways to make the company more secure, such as cameras or hiring security guards. But those can get expensive and some small business owners simply don't have the budget for such things. Luckily, there is a fairly cheap option that you can utilize – fences. A fence installed around the boundary line of the property can add a huge layer of protection and act as a deterrent against trespassers. One of the most common types of fences to use is a chain-link fence.

Benefits of Chain-link

As mentioned above, the cost of installing a chain-link fence is a lot cheaper than other kinds, like wood. This makes it a great choice for anyone on a limited income or smaller businesses. It is also a lot easier to maintain than wood or iron fences. It handles the elements and can last several years before it needs to be replaced. The installation process is also very quick and can easily be done in a single day, even with larger properties. Repairs to the fence are also pretty quick. Damaged pieces are cut away and replaced with a new piece.

Security Considerations

Chain link fences are extremely secure, but they can still be climbed over. Because of this, you may want to add extra security measures to the fence once it is installed. The first thing you could do is make the fence higher than normal to dissuade people from climbing it. You can also add barbed wire to the top of the fence. Anyone who tried to climb it would be severely hurt from the sharp barbs. Chain link fences can also have electricity connected to them, which will shock anyone who touches the fence when it is powered on. Another way people try to get through chain link fences is to dig underneath them. When you install the fence, bury it at least two to three feet in the ground in order to keep trespassers from crawling under it.


Chain link fences are a great addition to any commercial property. One thing you should consider is that they are fairly see-through, so if you need privacy, you will need to choose a different type of fence or take measures to cover the holes in the fencing. If you decide to get the fencing, contact various companies to find the best quotes. 

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