Inviting Your Well Drilling Contractor Out On The Same Day As Your Septic Contractor: Why It's A Good Idea

Posted on: 24 November 2019

Properties in the country have two main concerns; digging a well for water and installing a septic system for waste. Both are related from the standpoint that you need the well water to do everything in your home, and the water used goes into the septic holding tank. While most people would not think of inviting a well drilling contractor to the house on the same day as a septic contractor, here is why that is an excellent idea.

Your Well Drilling Service and Your Septic Service Need to Install in Specific Locations

Both of these contractors have to look at your property and determine what is the best location for the well and for the septic system. Clearly, you do not want your well so close to the septic system that any unforeseen septic leaks could contaminate your well, and you need the well close enough to the house so that the well pump does not have to overwork itself to get water into your home. When both contractors are on your property at the same time, they can actually consult with each other to determine the best locations for the well and for the septic installation. 

The Two Contractors Can Agree on Dates and Times to Get Projects Completed

You cannot have a well and water supply if you do not have any place for the wastewater to go. Ergo, the septic contractor has to install the septic system before your well contractor can dig the well and install the pump, hoses, pipe, and holding tank for the water your home will need. When you have both contractors on the property at the same time, you can get them to work together and figure out when in their schedules the septic system can be installed and the well drilled.

Hopefully, both can be done within a few days of each other. An even more ideal situation would be if the well contractor could dig the well while the septic contractor worked on the septic system. Then the well could be completed almost immediately after the septic system installation is complete, but that is some very rare coordination there. 

You Know Exactly When You Might Need to Take Time off from Work

When both contractors have settled on dates and times to coordinate the drilling, excavation, installation, and construction of your water and wastewater systems, then you know exactly when you can take off from work. While it is not necessary for you to be at home the whole time these systems are installed, you do need to be present to sign the work order and make payments. You also need to be available by phone if either contractor runs into an issue. 

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