Three Components Of Your Dryer That May Need To Be Replaced

Posted on: 27 January 2020

A dryer is an appliance that will normally be very reliable. In fact, many individuals will own the same dryer for many years without encountering any performance problems. Due to their reliability, it will often be more economical to replace faulty parts rather than the entire unit. More specifically, there are a few components that will be at a higher risk of failure than the others.

Damaged Control Panel

The control panel is the part of the dryer that you will interact with the most frequently. When this component encounters a problem, it may be impossible for you to be able to easily and effectively control the dryer. While this may seem like it will be a major component to replace, these panels can be fairly affordable to replace, and the labor involved with replacing them should not take much time. You can help to extend the life of your dryer's control panel by periodically cleaning it and making sure your hands are dry before using it.

Faulty Heating Elements

In order to dry the clothes that you have in it, this appliance will need to produce enough heat to help the moisture evaporate as quickly as possible. To do this, there will be heating elements that can produce large amounts of heat very quickly. It can be difficult to know when these components are suffering from problems, but the clothes taking much longer to dry will be a prime indication that this problem is occurring. Eventually, the heating elements may completely fail to produce any heat, which will require all of them to be replaced. This is a fairly complicated repair due to the need to remove other components so the heating elements can be reached. As a result, you will need to have a professional complete this repair for the system.

Malfunctioning Blower

The dryer's blower is responsible for circulating the air inside the dryer. This will help the heat generated by the unit to more efficiently dry the clothes. When the motor that powers the blower fails, the unit may completely lose the ability to dry the clothes as there may not be enough heat distributed. Additionally, the extremely moist air inside the dryer will be unable to leave, which can further reduce its drying ability. Most often, the easiest option for repairing a faulty blower will be to replace it. The small size and high cost of repairing these motors will often make replacing your blower the superior option.

Reach out to professionals for help obtaining and installing appliance replacement parts.


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