Winter Weather And Well Pump Damage: Tips For Protection

Posted on: 3 December 2020

With winter weather rapidly approaching, homeowners with well water need to reach out to a local well pump service to make sure that their well pump and the well itself are both prepared for the cold and freezing temperatures that winter will bring. The cold temperatures that come with winter can be destructive to your well without proper preparation. Here's a look at what you need to know about making sure that your home's well is ready for this winter.

Create A Barrier Against The Cold

The cold temperatures of winter don't just sit above ground level. The ground freezes as well, which means that your well, well pump, and other sensitive components are vulnerable to the cold, too. The gaskets, seals, and bearings can all suffer damage from freezing temperatures, as can the lines that run from your pump to your plumbing system.

Work with a well pump services technician to make sure that your well pump, bearings, seals, and other components are properly lubricated to protect against cold temperature damage. You'll also want to have your technician add insulating covers to all of the tubing and pipes that run from your well pump to your plumbing system.

Monitor Your Pump's Condition

If your weather forecast predicts extreme cold coming your way, reach out to a well pump service technician to inspect your pump and ensure that it has sufficient lubricating oil in the reservoir. The lubricating oil is a moisture displacement tool. It will keep condensation out of the pump, which will keep your pump from freezing up or glazing over.

Lower The Pump If Possible

The lower into your well the pump is placed, the better protected it will be from the cold temperatures. If necessary, consider investing in a deep submersible pump for your home's well before the winter weather sets in. That way, your well pump services technician can drop the pump further down into the well water reservoir to create a greater barrier against the cold weather and its hazards.

Drain The Pump Properly

If you've decided that the best course of action is to shut your well pump down for the winter and use an alternate source of water, you should talk with your well pump services technician about the proper way to drain the unit. If you don't drain it correctly, water could freeze inside the pump and the lines, causing cracks and other internal damage. Make sure that the pump and all of the lines are completely devoid of water before the temperatures fall below freezing.

For more information, reach out to a local business, like Hull Well & Pump Service.


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